Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Trailer

"Wait... so how many of us are there?"

I know a lot of people talk about super hero fatigue but with Black Panther like two months away and, now, a reminder that my childhood dream of seeing a black person be Spider-Man is coming to the big screen, in the form of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I don't really see it!

I haven't gotten into the Miles Morales comics as much as I should have, because I just don't read comics as often anymore.  But I love that he came to be, in part, because of Donald Glover, and then Donald got to voice him and play his uncle in Spider-Man: Homecoming!

The cast is DOPE!  Get it, because Shameik Moore was in Dope... now he's Miles Morales!  Mahershala Ali can be in everything as far as I'm concerned, Paper Boi/the principal's husband from season one of Vice Principals, Brian Tyree Henry, is in this as well and another Donald Glover connection.  To cap it off Liev Schreiber is lending his voice to this project.  All good news, if you ask me.

One question though, what is it with Vince Staples getting placements in the Black Panther trailer, Runaways, and now ?  I'm not mad, I just want to know if he's happy about it, because, I'm certainly digging it.

Anyway, this is movie is like a year away so hopefully I can contain my excitement till this movie comes out!.