Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Get this man a shield!

Well here it is!  The trailer I've been angry about since whatever it is Disney does around the same time as SDCC!  Just look at the IMDb cast list for Avengers: Infinity War and try not to get giddy, let alone watching 10 years in the making play out in this trailer, word to Sammy J as Nick Fury's speech being reworked!

I'm also glad that this trailer relied on the Alan Silvestri Avenger's theme instead of a popular song.  As much as that stuff can be cool, The Avengers are the pop culture sensation that should be celebrated in this instance and I'm not mad at that theme!

I'm excited that this movie is actually happening, but I gotta say, I still want whatever footage was released earlier this year.  What was described was a lot more interesting, but I can't be mad that this trailer gave Black Panther dialogue and a lot of screen time.  I'm obviously going to see this movie multiple times and review it on Spoiled Rotten Podcast so who am I kidding?  When's that ticket pre-sale DAWG???