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1. At the Front of the Stage (Intro)
2. Vacation
3. Come On
4. God Loves the Funky Artist (feat. Emma Harvey)
5. Losing You
6. Kindergarten (feat. Emma Harvey)
7.  Wrong Way on Richmond (feat. Emma Harvey)
8. Mother Wolf
9. Suggestion (Interlude)
10. Hire/Fire

Brian Bigioni- Drums
Tristan Drysdale- Harmonica, Guitar & Vocals
Ned Gordon- Bass, Guitar & Vocals
Daniel "Yung Guard" Grant- Vocals
Joel Harvey- Keys
"At the Front of the Stage" is performed by Jake Mednick
"Vacation" contains additional vocals by Jake Mednick & Valerie Ingham
"Wrong Way on Richmond" & " Mother Wolf" contain additional vocals by Paul Bullock, Jake Mednick, Joel Cox, Dylan O'Donnell, Thomas Jordan, Mary Ocampo, and Cavan Erskine-Smith
Cover art by: Lee Chapman. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Ned Gordon.  Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel.