10 of the Best Royce da 5'9" Songs

It's no secret that I'm a big Royce da 5'9" fan.  Just look where he landed on the best rappers in the Mid West list I did last year.  You may be wondering how he got there.  First of all did you see this?

Royce has bars!  Let's go through ten times where he proved that and then some!  You'd be surprised at how many pictures there are of Royce and Em togther considering how few of their songs together are on this list.

Bad Meets Evil.gif

"Raw" (ft. Eminem) [Southpaw (OST) 2015]

How, though:
I have a soft spot for this song because it came at a time where I had kind of cooled on my fandom for Royce.  There wasn't much Slaughterhouse out and PRhyme was imminent.  Having Nickel on a track with Eminem with some East Bound & Down sampling... you've got a good song on your hands.


"Fight Klub" (ft. KXNG Crooked/Joe Budden/Joell Ortiz) [Slaughterhouse 2009]

How, though:
I remember back when Joe Budden was throwing up Instagram stories before those were a thing, these four rappers came up with the idea for this song and I thought... I'll never hear that... that's too bad.  But here we are!  A song where four people do a version of what the Lox do pretty well and finish each other sentences.


- "Underground Kings" (ft. ScHoolboy Q & Killer Mike) [PRhyme 2015]

How, though:
Dope beat (of course... it's DJ Premier one of the best to do it) with three MCs who are literally all over the map!  You wouldn't think that these three should have been put together initially, but I'm definitely glad they came together and that everyone held their own.

hi rihanna.gif

 "Flirt" (ft. 2 Chainz) [PRhyme 2 2018]

How, though:
Yeah I think that 2 Chainz has a dope flow on his verse, thus, continuing his 2017 run of killer guest verses, but Royce makes sure that he isn't outshined on another PRhyme track with some delightful strings and stories about how women aren't great at flirting.  Never thought I'd hear a whole song devoted to that subject, but that's the kind of creativity you get when dealing with Royce.

royce interview.gif

"Security" [Success is Certain 2015]

How, though:
I was once told that Royce can spit, but it's rarely about anything.  Not so on this soulful track where he details his emotional state when Proof of D12 died.  It's also a rare instance of Royce singing on a hook that 100% works for me.

Royce freestyle2.gif

 "Count for Nothing" [Street Hop 2010]

How, though:
The way the guitar revs at the beginning of this track mixed with the horn stabs would have made this a top 10 instrumental.  The way Royce da 5'9" verbally dances over the whole thing, THO?  This is just pure Hip Hop.


"The Warriors" (ft. Joe Budden/Joell Ortiz/KXNG Crooked) [Street Hop 2010]

How, though:
One of the better produced Slaughterhouse tracks I've heard.  Plus Joe Budden referencing Venom doesn't hurt.  But this is about how Ryan came through and gave the track a crazy aggressive energy with his contribution.  You can't help but get hyped as Royce spits over the drums and crazy horns.


"Mode II" (ft. Logic) [PRhyme 2015] 

How, though:
Another great Preme beat with Royce showing off his verbal dexterity.  Logic is a nice addition, but I could have gone with just one verse from him.  If this song was 7 straight minutes of Nickel Nine rapping, it probably would have been #1.


"Boom" [Rock City 2002]

How, though:
I feel like this is the first Royce song everyone knew.  At least where I'm from and it takes me back to a great time in Hip Hop for me.  The fact that this track still knocks, speaks to how magical DJ Premier & Royce da 5'9" collaborations are.  Seriously, get PRhyme & PRhyme 2!  It's like the early 2000s all over again!

Royce em.gif

"Dinner Time" (ft. Busta Rhymes) [Street Hop 2010]

How, though:
Remember when this song was in the Green Hornet trailer?  That's dope.  There is an energy to this song that makes it undeniably amazing.  Royce going in and being assisted by one of the best to ever do it in music videos and on the mic in the East!  I love that there is no hook on this song.  Just BARS and Busta Rhymes hyping the crowd up in between rounds.