An Open Letter to KiD CuDi

Dear Scott Mescudi,

How are you doing, man?  Remember that XXL Freshman Cover you hit up?  

That was the first time I heard about you.  I proceeded to scoop up any and all music I could find with you on it. Your mixtape A Kid Named Cudi was the soundtrack to me writing my book, Better Than Me.  Man on the Moon: The End of Day & Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager were part of the soundtrack to me continuing to write and edit my book.  The point is, your music is important to me.  

I say all of that so you understand that I am a fan.  I won't let the last three albums you put out get in the way of my admiration for your work.  The fact that I haven't been able to connect with your last few efforts shouldn't deter me from looking forward to future projects.  Especially if your work with Travis $cott is anything to go by!  But, let me find out you're out here throwing shots on the internet.

Yes I am a Kanye West and Drake fan.  That's not the issue though.  The point is that your fans want to hear your music.  The resentment you have towards someone who you've broken up with, then got back together with earlier this year:

Just isn't as important as the music.  Especially if you're mad for the reasons Kanye brought up during his rant last night.

Maybe there is an important question that I'm not asking, though. Are you even enjoying music anymore?  My perceived drop in your music quality may be due to your boredom/frustration with the art form.

I'm not here to box you in and say, make music that sounds like the Man on the Moon series forever.  I will point out, though, that your newer music, "Through the Late Night" notwithstanding, doesn't even sound like you're having fun or enjoying the process.  This isn't a Hip Hop vs Rock thing.  It's just that you used to put out music that sounded beautiful while expressing pain.  

Now it all just sounds like pain.  I also see a lack of poetry in your song titles, bruh!

Is it time to just take a break from music and stick with acting till you're inspired again?  I actually dug How to Make it in America!  

 Except I heard you backed out of being on Empire.  So maybe you do prefer doing music.

If I were someone you were willing to listen to, I'd definitely let you know that avoiding twitter fingers is always best.  30 writers or not, Kanye and Drake are out touring with music people are having a good time with.  I should also add that their music isn't all about good times.  They too are able to craft music that sounds inviting but is ultimately about pain.

I only want to see you succeed.  Ask Meek Mill what it's like to go up against Drake.

Let the music speak for itself.  Or just wait till you have the music that will take you on tour where you can talk about whoever you like in front of a crowd full of people who continue to use your music as the soundtrack to their lives.