All Things SDCC '17

If you're like me, you don't go to San Diego Comic-Con but definitely want to know what's going on there.  In fact, you may be sitting at your laptop and refreshing your Twitter app on your phone in the hopes that you'll get the news so quickly it's almost like you're actually there.

In the past I have complained about studios that try to make their trailers exclusive to the crowd at Comic-Con.  This year it would appear that Marvel decided they weren't going to take my advice as it pertained to some of their big ticket items.  We'll get into that later.

Instead, let's talk about what actually was made available to the non con public!

One show I was so relived was actually good last year was Westworld!  I know that we aren't going to see a new episode until 2018 but I'm glad we got to see some new footage in this trailer!

All I can say is I'm looking forward to Dolores on that horse with the gun cocked!  The first season did a great job of getting me excited for the shift in power teased in this trailer!

Another show with a trailer, that I found myself truly enjoying even though I had no plans to, was Stranger Things.  

I mean!  The use of "Thriller" was A-OK with me!  Honestly, as I said I didn't know about Stranger Things before it just popped up on my Netflix and I gave it a try.  So I don't know if the other trailers fully embraced the horror and thriller aspects of the show as much as this trailer did.  I might have been scared off if I saw that but at this point I'm all in and it's mostly because of how well the child actors perform on this show.

Now that we're on a kick of things I didn't expect to like, how about that Ready Player One trailer?

Before I saw this trailer I knew I thought the name sounded cool but also Steven Spielberg is the director.  For a complicated take on everyone's favourite director you can read my take on every Spielberg film I've seen.  What I do like about this trailer is the energy on display and the fact that a bunch of known quantities are on screen.  The first time I saw the trailer I only noticed Iron Giant and Tron cycle but I feel like there are Orcs, Freddy Krueger, and the Delorean also featured.  I still don't know what the plot is and that's fine.  Maybe I'll be hit with that wide eyed wonderment that I love from Spielberg one more time!

I'm a bit scared about Bright.  On the one hand, it's got an amazing idea for a movie, on the other hand it has David Ayer at the helm and I haven't been the biggest fan of his movies that don't feature scenes with Will Smith fighting Batman.  Even then...  Anyway here's a trailer for that movie.

I also noticed Max Landis has a writing credit on this movie.  I've grown to not be a fan of him personally especially with his stance on Rey in The Force Awakens, but I can't deny that Chronicle was the goods.  Let's hope Bright isn't another American Ultra... only because I didn't see his Frankenstein movie and maybe I'll finish the first episode of Dirk Gently and like the show.

Now let's talk about the comic book characters!  The DC television shows are good for the most part.  At least I like them because I was sold on Arrow when it came out and The Flash and Supergirl actually feel like improvements.  I watch Legends of Tomorrow so I'm not completely out of the loop during the amazing crossover episodes.  I will say though of the three shows I really care about things are looking grim.  Check out the Supergirl trailer.

Yikes it's like we're getting into Arrow levels of doom and gloom.  Speaking of...

At least The Flash trailer ends on a much more optimistic note even though I don't really trust that it'll stay that optimistic.

In a weird move the Black Lightning trailer has to share its run time with all the other heroes on CW.  Regardless, I'm sold on this show already.  I'm glad he's in the suit and fighting people instead of looking for reasons to not put on the suit.

It should come as no surprise that I'm looking forward to the Defenders.  I liked Daredevil the second season even more, loved Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and had issues with Iron Fist.  Actually a lot of issues with Iron Fist.  However, one bad apple can't spoil the bunch, right!?  Why not watch the trailer and see?

I'm in!  But one last thing.  Isn't it crazy how Daredevil still is a better fighter than Iron Fist?  did they really need Iron Fist?  Couldn't they have used the amazing Jon Bernthal's Punisher as the fourth member and pretended like Iron Fist never happened?  Anyway I assume Punisher is in it based on this Stan Lee trailer but still.

I was a big fan of the first Kingsman so guess what, I'm all in for this sequel which will introduce us to the American counterparts.  That's a genius move and I'm also pretty sure I know realize the golden circle in the title might be referencing the ring left after you pick up your glass of whiskey... maybe not.  who cares here's an amazing trailer for the movie!

Ok here are the heavy hitters.  DCEU and MCU.  Two brands that decided to not show everything to the non con people.  What we didn't get to see from DCEU was the Aquaman footage.  After following the Super Hero Hype live blog I can tell you I'm not that upset that I didn't get to see that footage.

Some information I found interesting that doesn't pertain to trailers was that DCEU ostensibly confirmed their upcoming slate of films.  In order of my anticipation we have The Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam!, Green Lantern Coprs, Flashpoint, and Justice League Dark.

I won't be excited about JL Dark till I see a trailer or Jordan Peele is announced as the director.  I think Flashpoint is a mistake on the first ever Flash movie.  Green Lantern Corps could be good since we'll get John Stewart and Hal Jordan together.  I'm surprised they're still not going to get The Rock involved in Shazam! as Black Adam but if Armie Hammer is involved I'll be happy.  Wonder Woman was amazing so I'd like to see them continue that story and I'm always up for Batman related films even if I don't love them.

What we did get to see was Ben Affleck saying he wasn't going to do something that everyone says he will do.  And a trailer for Justice League that recognizes that Wonder Woman is the DCEU MVP.

Bruh... they hate Superman in the DCEU.

Last but not least, MCU.  They had Disney Expo last week and showed a bunch of footage I assumed would be available by today.  You know what with my firm belief that it's weird to show footage to people that you know they will leak out in a horrible quality instead of making that footage availble to everyone to create good word of mouth.  If MCU truly is trying to put all the focus on Thor: Ragnarok then only releasing this trailer makes sense.

The problem is we already know there's Infinity War footage on the net and there have been plenty of descriptions of it already.  Now we know that there is Black Panther footage that isn't available to everyone.  I already wanted to see the next Thor movie thanks to the director.  So the trailer is great but it's not like it makes me want to see what everyone else was talking about less.  

It's a weird position to put this movie in since it doesn't keep the focus on the closest release, it makes sure people are talking about movies that won't even be out this year.

To end on a more exciting note.  We got to learn that Michelle Pfeiffer will play Janet Van Dyne, Laurence Fishburne will play Goliath, and Captain Marvel will be set in the 90s and have the Skrull.  That's all cool right?

Overall there was too much for me to write about here, so I'll probably deal with more details on Spoiled Rotten Podcast next week.  So in summation I liked the trailers I saw and was upset that Marvel tried to have their cake and eat it to with their footage.  But that's Comic-Con for ya!