No, The BvS Trailer Didn't Spoil Everything

Let's get one thing clear.  I mentioned on my Podcast that I acknowledge this is an inferior trailer to Captain America: Civil War

and even the trailer that preceded this one.  I'm not here to defend the quality of this trailer or speak on how dissapointing it is that Batman is toting a gun (loaded with bullets or otherwise) in the sure to be iconic trinity shot. 

Even though I could write a whole new blog post on that.  And already started on Facebook the day the trailer came out.

All I can do for now is try to poke some holes in the logic that because of this occurrence in the trailer:

somehow the whole movie has been ruined, and people will be able to give me more than a cursory explanation of what happens in this movie.

To state my thesis clearly: anyone saying they think this trailer shows too much is reacting to seeing Doomsday (or what we assume is Doomsday) in the trailer.  Which is to say, you've already spoiled the movie for yourself by reading articles about what Michael Shannon has been saying about Porta Potties.

I would argue that no one who wasn't looking into this movie beyond seeing trailers when they are released would know the significance of this shot beyond, "oh, so that's what they'll end up fighting."

I have a very hard time believing that people see the title Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and interrupt that to mean that Batman and Superman will fight all movie possibly to the death.  Batman and Superman will end up working together and ultimately create the Justice League.  Unless you think this movie was supposed to be a live action version of the Dark Knight Returns

In which case, this trailer just shook things up for you, and you should be excited for the unknown.

Still not convinced that acknowledging the presence of a greater evil is a good idea?  Let's get back to the Michael Shannon stuff.  Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch and co thought it was a good idea to constantly deny that he was playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness

Recently, the good people who made Spectre thought they should pull a similar stunt.  The problem is twofold.  The truths of both of those movies are that the characters shouldn't care about those "twists."  It doesn't change anything it only serves to wow the audience.  Unfortunately, everyone who would care about that twist has already figured it out like a year before they sat in the theater and anyone who didn't care to seek out that info ahead of time is just left with a character with a different name.

I suppose in the case of Batman v Superman, they don't have to deal with the second issue I just mentioned, however, everyone who cares already knew there would be a form of Doomsday in the movie.  Acting like there isn't at this point would be disingenuous (which will only bring ill will opening day) and will lead to Into Darkness/Spectre lunch box letdown for everyone already in the "know."  At least now everyone has the same amount of information (there's a big monster who will fight the trinity) and we can see how that plays out when we see the movie.  In a trailer that was very self aware, the inclusion of that monster was another wink to the knowing audience.

That reminds me, does anyone know how Wonder Woman factors into this story for sure?  Do you know for a fact what Lex, Lois Lane, Perry White, and Senator Holly Hunter are up to in this movie?  Let alone the three other previously confirmed characters in this movie?  I truly believe that people can only speculate on what will happen, and they could have done that without ever seeing a trailer for a movie with two of the biggest superheroes in the title.

Anyway, I'll accept defeat if anyone can tell me exactly what they think will happen based on this trailer alone in the comments.  I will pay for your ticket to see the movie again if you get it right.  I'll just give you props if you manage to do it using this trailer and the Comic-Con trailer

But, if you're keeping it 100, you know you'll have to use information you sought out elsewhere to actually have this movie ruined.