5 Reasons You Should Watch Fresh Off the Boat

If you didn't watch Fresh Off the Boat during its first season this year, then you should catch up now and get ready for its second season.  I know what you're thinking, "Why should I?" Well that's the point of this post.  To make sure more people are enjoying this great offering from television.  It gives us so much and asks so little in return!

The theme song is by Danny Brown!

The hip hop theme song lets you know what Eddie's childhood was ruled by and therefore sets you up for a show about a Taiwanese family whose eldest son loves early 90s hip hop and Shaq.  If you're not already smiling, fine, let's keep moving!

The kids are all funny!  I don't  just mean the three boys in the main family: Eddie, Emery (really hoping for a girl), and Evan.  I'm saying that all of Eddie's friends at school are also funny.  Especially his enemies like Walter.

I don't know if it's just me but, the kids actually seem like kids on this show, and the humor develops organically from that.  A highlight is Eddie and his new found friends raving about a sexual harassment video they think is pornographic in "Persistent Romeo."  Whoever did casting for the kids should get an award.  While they may say some ridiculously insightful things at times, they never come off as kids acting like adults.  The writing lets these characters feel like middle schoolers and the actors are always able to pull off the material they're given.

I genuinely enjoy the mother's storyline.  Jessica Huang (as played by Constance Wu) is interesting because she does not want to move to Orlando, much like her son.  However, she is upset because she fears that she will lose her roots and fail to provide her kids with  the upbringing they need.    This puts Jessica and Eddie at odds most times even though they are going through the same upheaval anxiety!  Now that is fertile ground for conflict and great story telling. 

Also she can't help but want to excel at whatever the other neighbourhood adults are up to.

I find myself always rooting for Jessica because she fights for what she believes in so often that seeing her take time to enjoy a chipwich or hang out with her only friend on the block always feels rewarding.

Is there a more likeable actor out right now than Randall Park?  I would argue that there isn't.  Even Community knows!

Randall Park was the best thing about The Interview, bar none.  He was even killing it on Veep before then and popping up in Judd Apatow produced films. 

The importance here is that, if nothing else has swayed you concerning character strength and development with the potential for a great soundtrack, then tune in for the genius that is Randall Park.

Believe it or not.  There is something for everyone in this show.  Yes it is based on the memoirs of Eddie Huang, but because of the people he met in Orlando, I feel safe saying that anyone reading this post right now could find an actor, a storyline, or a scene that hooks them into this show.

So if you're worried about being alienated by what could be ostensibly a bunch of inside jokes about growing up in an Asian family, take Emery's ladies' approach.