Star Wars IX: Act 1

OH HAI! I’m Ben, Co-Host of Spoiled Rotten Podcast. Daniel and I talk a lot about movies on and off the podcast mics, so I’ve taken it upon myself to flex my writing muscle a little bit and you in on some of the thoughts I have that don’t make it into the podcast episodes.

JJ Abrams has submitted the first draft of Star Wars episode 9 but little did he know that I actually wrote my version of Star Wars episode 9  weeks before he submitted his! I went back and forth on whether or not to write an actual screenplay and post it here so that those at Lucasfilm and Disney could see how I would be a perfect fit as a writer for Star Wars (hint hint). I ultimately decided to turn this into a blog post.  For you, the people (cue Bane voice).  Instead of posting the screenplay that I actually wrote, I’m going to post the descriptions and what I expect to happen in Episode 9, as there are legal matters and Forces beyond my control (see what I did there?).  I’m also going to do this a bit differently where I discuss the three acts of episode 9 and divide it into 3 separate posts so that you don’t read a 5000 word PhD thesis (believe me, if I could study Star Wars in a University PhD level, I’d be Doctor Star Wars)!

So here we go!


Ben’s Star Wars Episode 9 (currently unnamed)

The movie is going to open with a funeral for Han, Luke and Leia, weeks after the events of The Last Jedi.  It’s revealed that Leia has died of Hypoxia and Solar radiation as she wasn’t in the medical treatment long enough to heal properly.  Poe will now be the highest ranking member of the Resistance and as a result, will be tasked with delivering the emotional eulogy. 

Rey has to leave the Resistance as she fears the special connection that Snoke established in TLJ could be used to track them down and that she has been resisting the connection.  Finn tries to join Rey but she convinces him that his place is now in the resistance.  Rey leaves on the Millenium Falcon with Chewie, R2D2 and C-3PO to find other force sensitive children throughout the galaxy. 

Poe is found crying and reveals through dialogue that he’s afraid that he won’t be able to live up to Leia’s legacy with Finn and Rose. Rose reassures him that he’s the only one that can lead the Resistance and as Finn and Rose leave, Poe is given a message by a BB-8.  Poe opens the hologram to see a blue Hologram of Leia but the camera pans away but you hear Leia’s voice.

Cut to half way across the galaxy where we Find Kylo Ren and General Hux standing at the command center of one of the few remaining First Order Star Destroyers.  They are joined by the Knights of Ren as the Knights whisper something into Kylo’s ear and hands him a Sith Holocron.  Ren instructs Hux to continue the search for the Resistance without him as he has more important matters to attend to but not before force choking Hux for talking back and accusing Ren of not taking Snoke’s revenge seriously.  Ren and the Knights of Ren leave the Star Destroyer and it’s revealed through dialogue that they are headed to Moraband. 

The movie then cuts to Rey dressed in Dark Brown Jedi Robes running through a forest away from some attackers but they finally catch up to her and they are armed with Vibroblades as they surround Rey.  Rey then ignites a new blue double-bladed lightsaber with a longer hilt, similar to the bo staff she had on Jakku.  Rey and the attackers all engage in combat with Rey fighting them all off effortlessly.  The fight is interrupted by the sound of Chewbacca’s roar, Rey shuts off her lightsaber and reveals that the attackers are young Padawan learners in a lightsaber battle training session.  Rey leaves the forest with the Padawans to enter a large field with multiple Padawan learners and Younglings being instructed by Maz Kanata as well as holographic projections of Rey reading from the ancient Jedi Texts.  We see a bunch Resistance ships landing where Poe, Finn and Rose come to meet Rey.  It’s revealed that 5 years have passed since the events of TLJ and they head into the main building, which appears to be in ruins and is revealed to be a house of worship from the now extinct Gaurdians of the Whills. 

The movie cuts back to Hux and Kylo on Moraband where Hux is now sporting a beard being escorted by a new design of stormtrooper.  Hux walks up to a building made of stone with some intact and some broken pillars guiding Hux to the main building.  When Hux enters we see the Kylo being suspended in the air by the Knights of Ren with force energies and ghosts flying around Ren.  Hux is paralyzed in fear as he waits for the ritual to finish. When finished, Ren puts on a newer version of his old helmet but before he does you see an Orbalisk tail climbing up his neck.  Ren and Hux exchange dialogue as Hux hands Ren a Crystal and Ren is shaken by it.  They further discuss entering the second phase of their unidentified plan, Ren dismisses Hux and enters a room hidden by a stone wall where you can see multiple bacta tanks and bodies of multiple sizes floating in them as Ren closes the door. 

The movie then goes back to Rey, Finn, Poe, Maz, Chewie and the droids where they start discussing the rising First Order supporters after listening to a transmission from DJ informing them that the First Order is stealing children, they have to evacuate their base and that they’re coming to meet Rey.  They discuss how they will be able to afford to pay DJ.  Finn reports that the Resistance spies within the First Order are being flushed out by Hux.  Poe, Finn, Rose and Chewie leave with the droids but Maz stays behind.  Maz confronts Rey to ask her what she’s not telling the rest of them and Rey tells Maz about the flashback sequence in TFA.  Maz reveals that maybe those images were not all of the past and that some of the images were also of the future.

We then go back to Moraband where Kylo and the Knights or Ren are engaged in combat with Kylo being significantly stronger and more aggressive.  As the exercise ends, Kylo and Hux enter the room with the glowing bacta tanks and it is revealed through dialogue that Kylo had sent the Knights of Ren across the galaxy during The Force Awakens and TLJ to collect Sith Holocron pyramids and that Kylo was unable to open the last one he needed without the Crystal that Hux provided him.  Kylo gets Hux to leave him alone while he attempts to open the final Holocron and as Hux leaves the room, a bright flash of light emerges from Kylo followed by Darth Vader’s voice echoing throughout the halls.

Well, there you have it folks the first act of Episode 9.  Stay tuned for Act 2 and 3 in the coming weeks!